Our vision is 1,000 black-belt thought leaders in a room. We reckon that well-resourced, independent thinkers have the best chance of solving the world’s problems. Not to say that governments, charities, corporations, religions etc don’t have a role to play … but we see the biggest opportunity to have an impact is enabling independent thinkers (and then bringing them together).  

Our mission is three fold:

Help clever people be commercially smart

This is what our curriculum is all about. We help experts get well paid (turn over $500k - $1.5M in their business), live great lives (our mantra is do work you love with people you like the way you want) and make the difference they were born to make. 

Be inspired by the company we keep

This is our community meme. Our tribe is very special. Thought leaders in the community are smart, but not just in an academic way … they are actively looking to apply their wisdom to make a contribution and solve problems. And they are commercial, but not in a money grabbing, showy, scammy kind of way. There seems to be a high level of integrity, and a generosity of spirit pervading the tribe. Many members report that finding the TL community feels like coming home.  

Raise consciousness on the planet

Our deeper purpose is to raise consciousness on the planet. We reckon helping independent thinkers become resourced and make the difference they were born to make is the best thing we can do for the planet. 

If you work with us, our intent is that you feel connected to something worthy and see yourself contributing to our purpose and the difference we make. We change lives and aim to change the world.