For well over a decade we have been providing world-class business education to subject matter experts.

We help experts become thought leaders, working with people who have knowledge and expertise into highly influential agents of change. We have been teaching our clients to more effectively capture, package and deliver ideas that make a difference. We help clever people become commercially smart. 

We also help organisations harness the potential of their best and brightest, developing the top tier of employees to become the key thinkers and influencers in their field.

Thought Leaders Business School

Thought Leaders Business School is our flagship program – the ultimate professional development program for speakers, authors, trainers, coaches and consultants across all industries and markets. While our students are primarily Australia- and New Zealand-based, our distance program and international intake is growing. 

In this program students are immersed in an intellectually stunning approach to developing and capturing their expertise, delivering that expertise for impact, and commercialising for success. They are accountable to achieve their professional goals – and they do. 

Business School is also a tribe – a highly-engaged intelligent, courageous and influential community of thought leaders making a real difference in the world through advancing new ideas.

One of the deliverables of the program is writing a book – have a look at some of the books our graduates have written. Get ready to be impressed. Wiley is Australia’s biggest publisher of business books. Over the last two years, 75% of the books they have published have been written by Thought Leaders Business School students and graduates.

Our Corporate Programs – Thought Leaders Advantage

We work in organisations helping their best people transform how they do things, helping them capitalise on the brilliance of their people, their internal thought leaders, at whatever level. Our corporate programs help organisations move their people beyond their functions and roles and turn them into the gurus of their industry. Thought Leaders Advantage is a fledgling part of the business. We’ve got some extraordinary partners in this and think anything is possible here.

Other Ventures and Programs

Thought Leaders Finance

Thought Leaders Finance is a joint venture between Thought Leaders and The Practice, our financial advisors and accountants. It's a full financial services offering specifically designed for a thought leader running a practice and aiming to build $5 million in net assets. The offering covers a tailored approach to wealth building, estate planning, risk management, and investing.

Thought Leaders Radio

We are about to launch a brand new podcast, Thought Leaders Radio. It's aimed directly at experts and infopreneurs who are building their businesses. On the show we aim to shine the spotlight on inspiring, successful thought leaders: authors, speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants who have made a significant impact sharing their expertise and have been well rewarded for doing so.

Specialised training programs

From time-to-time we run training programs in specific areas of expertise, also aimed at thought leaders running a thought leadership practice.