What you will bring

Your skills

  • Experience and proven ability in a sales role

  • Confidence in communicating well with a range of people, both in writing and over phone



  • Understanding of online, offline and social media marketing strategies 

Your Attributes

  • Fast – you think quickly, work efficiently and pick up new things with super agility
  • Proactive—you don’t wait to be told what to do; you act with good reasoning and judgement; you foresee problems and issues and act to prevent them 
  • Persistent – you don’t give up at the first hurdle
  • Diligent—you take pride in your work, and care about the little details that most won’t even notice; you know how to prioritise well 
  • Dependable—when you say you’ll do something, we can trust that you’ll do it
  • Optimistic—while still embracing a healthy level of skepticism your overall outlook is joyous and optimistic; you can see the best in things
  • Authentic—there’s no pretence in what you do or second-guessing what you mean
  • Reflective—you make a habit of reflecting on your actions in order to develop and grow
  • Take ownership – you own your domain, you take full accountability for the roles you play, and you treat the business like it's your own

What you will do

Essentially your role will be to hit the sales targets for Thought Leaders Business School. Our philosophy is that sales trumps marketing. We’re looking for a relatively small number of intimate conversations with well-qualified prospects, rather than huge lists and email blasts with small conversions.


TLBS is our core program, and we have some very clear sales and marketing targets that you’ll be accountable for hitting each year:

  • 1,000 new contacts (people on our list who have given us permission to email them)
  • 400 prospects (people who have come to a live event or received our Expression of Interest Pack)
  • 100 sales (people who have paid the deposit and registered for TLBS). 
  • 80 new students (expect 20% to drop off between registration and attendance … this one is not strictly your accountability, but something you impact)

You will also support sales and marketing into the Distance Program and feeder programs including the TL Prep Program.