What you will bring

Your skills

  • Experience and proven ability as an Executive Assistant in a high performance environment
  • Great at time management and organising things 
  • Strong computer and online skills – comfortable in online platforms, CRMs, general software applications etc 
  • Strong written communication
  • Confidence in communicating well with a range of people, both in writing and over phone

Your attributes

You are … 

  • Service focused you love to be of service to others
  • Fast – you think quickly, work efficiently and pick up new things with super agility
  • Proactive—you don’t wait to be told what to do; you act with good reasoning and judgement; you foresee problems and issues and act to prevent them 
  • Persistent – you don’t give up at the first hurdle
  • Diligent—you take pride in your work, and care about the little details that most won’t even notice; you know how to prioritise well 
  • Dependable—when you say you’ll do something, we can trust that you’ll do it
  • Optimistic—while still embracing a healthy level of skepticism your overall outlook is joyous and optimistic; you can see the best in things
  • Authentic—there’s no pretence in what you do or second-guessing what you mean
  • Reflective—you make a habit of reflecting on your actions in order to develop and grow.
  • Take ownership – you own your domain, you take full accountability for the roles you play, and you treat the business like it's your own

What you will do

Essentially, your job is to whatever you can do to make the professional life of the CEO easier. Here are some of the tasks that will help achieve this. 


  • Project management – stay on top of various projects on the go
  • CEO support - scheduling / diary support / general support, such as booking flights and other ad hoc nee
  • Managing and updating documented internal processes


  • Manage key external support including virtual assistants, bookkeeper etc. 


  • Help in preparing monthly bookkeeping
  • Support bookkeeping: monthly preparation of financial documents/ reports, generate invoices and statements
  • Client invoicing and follow up
  • Processing merchant / credit card payments
  • Assisting with managing investment properties

Marketing and Events

  • Responsible for maintaining current information and function of the various websites 
  • Managing Pete’s InfusionSoft communications
  • Implementing the social media strategy
  • Scheduling of regular marketing EDMs
  • Content curation
  • Event coordination

Sales and Relationship Management

  • Working with Pete to help set and meet sales targets, e.g. via following up on sales leads
  • Management of all communications to prospects and customers including:  newsletters, blogs, marketing emails, follow up sequences etc. 
  • Managing registration into various programs, workshops, courses, mentoring and coaching programs
  • Managing and maintaining current customer info - client billing, contact details, event attendance
  • Supporting Pete to schedule touchpoints with TLBS students and make sure that everyone in the program is ‘feeling the love’