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Are you ready to take that first step to becoming a Thought Leader in your field of expertise?

The Curriculum is where you’ll learn to create value from your unique ideas, structure your practice and market yourself as a subject matter expert. We’ll challenge your thinking and encourage your ambition.

The Thought Leaders Curriculum has helped thousands of people like you to dream big, earn big and make a difference in the world.

We recommend completing The Curriculum before joining the Thought Leaders Business School.

How it works


The Thought Leaders Curriculum online resource consists of videos, audio files, exercises, worksheets, frameworks, templates and other materials to help you learn and implement the Thought Leaders methodology.


Good communication is fundamental to Thought Leadership and essential to studying The Curriculum. Throughout the course work, you’ll have the opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with experienced graduates to discuss ideas, test strategies, and work through challenges. This combination of feedback and accountability will help keep you focused and on track.


Each week you’ll be sent a curriculum guide and accompanying worksheets and other tools to help you progress through the curriculum at your own pace.


Regular group coaching sessions led by course leaders provide a forum for reflecting on and discussing the coursework. You’ll connect with other students who are at different stages of their journey and gain valuable insight into how others are incorporating the principles and methodologies into their practice. 

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You have access to the The Curriculum for up to 6 months. Most students graduate to Business school in around 3 months. However, it’s also suitable for some established thought leaders to graduate within 1-2 months.

Yes! Some students come with an established list of potential clients, but perhaps they don’t know how to utilise it and really speak to their market, OR their list isn’t made up of their ideal market. The curriculum will help you with clarifying the message you are working on, identifying the market that you needs your expertise, and a delivery method – a way that you and them prefer to work. From there you can begin developing content for the world to engage with and organically grow your list.
Yes! Our students have achieved 10 – 150k revenue per month, some had a following as small as 200, while others have 200k+. The success of our thought leaders is not beholden to these numbers.
The Thought Leaders curriculum will help you to diversify your content into different delivery methods – Many of your students deliver online programs and courses that are considered evergreen content.
No, you can absorb the content in a way that suits your individual needs and timeline. We will provide you with a guide for what content to engage with, and at what time, but not everyone follows this – and they still have outrageous success in doing so.
It depends how “fast” you want to go. Some students learn the curium intensively in as little as two weeks. Most students take 3 months in the program, and dedicate 2-5 hours per week. It’s all relative to what’s happening in your world and current priorities.

This is not a get rich quick scheme the curriculum is designed for people running practices who ultimately want to live a life by design. It’s a labour of love doing work you love, with people you like, the way you want.

The Curriculum is a pre requisite for Business School. You do not have to be an expert in The Curriculum, but knowing the basics will support your success in Business School.

We rotate the live sessions to suit our global community. So while you might not be able to make 100% of the sessions, we record every session with detailed time stamping of content so you can watch in your own time.

Yes. Your time in the The Curriculum will help you design your first cluster designed to generate 5-10k revenue per month. Some students do this in their first month, others do it in month 3 or 6. Again, it depends how hard and fast you want to approach this.


Your decision to be part of the Thought Leaders Foundation Program is a decision to be committed. Committed to learning the curriculum in less than six months.

Our Foundation Program is a 6 month program where you learn our curriculum. As well as our extensive curriculum full of videos, exercises, worksheets, we provide live weekly coaching, 12 curated weekly work plans and a community of people on a similar path to you. The cost of our Foundation Program is a one off payment of $1500 AUD (plus GST for Australian residents only). We also offer this in three instalments of $500 AUD. The Foundation Program is a prerequisite to join Thought Leaders Business School. You are able to join TLBS as soon as you have completed the curriculum.

Most people complete the curriculum in 12 weeks. Because everyone’s circumstances are different we offer you 6 months to learn. Business School is not for everyone and there is no pressure to join. You are free to leave the Foundation Program at anytime.

Thought Leaders will contact you via email and SMS to ensure you get the most out of the program. We won’t spam you and you can easily opt out.

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