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Executive Assistant to the CEO

Hello and welcome

We’re delighted that you’re considering working with us. We realise that if you are the right person for us then you are checking us out as much as we are you. We created this page to give you some insight into who we are and how we roll, and to help you decide if we’re a good fit. 

As you will see, nothing about what we do is business as usual. Working with us is definitely not for everyone, but it could be the opportunity of a lifetime. We are on a mission and the work we do is pushing the envelope of what’s possible. It’s most definitely not the way things are done elsewhere.

On this page you will find out a little bit about...


Flexible part-time
(approx. 24 hours per week)

located in Melbourne


What we do

What we do

What we do

What we do

For well over a decade we have been providing world-class business education to subject matter experts.

We help experts become thought leaders, working with people who have knowledge and expertise into highly influential agents of change. We have been teaching our clients to more effectively capture, package and deliver ideas that make a difference. We help clever people become commercially smart. 

We also help organisations harness the potential of their best and brightest, developing the top tier of employees to become the key thinkers and influencers in their field.

Thought Leaders Business School

Thought Leaders Business School is our flagship program – the ultimate professional development program for speakers, authors, trainers, coaches and consultants across all industries and markets. While our students are primarily Australia- and New Zealand-based, our distance program and international intake is growing. 

In this program students are immersed in an intellectually stunning approach to developing and capturing their expertise, delivering that expertise for impact, and commercialising for success. They are accountable to achieve their professional goals – and they do. 

Business School is also a tribe – a highly-engaged intelligent, courageous and influential community of thought leaders making a real difference in the world through advancing new ideas.

One of the deliverables of the program is writing a book – have a look at some of the books our graduates have written. Get ready to be impressed. Wiley is Australia’s biggest publisher of business books. Over the last two years, 75% of the books they have published have been written by Thought Leaders Business School students and graduates.

Our Corporate Programs – Thought Leaders Advantage

We work in organisations helping their best people transform how they do things, helping them capitalise on the brilliance of their people, their internal thought leaders, at whatever level. Our corporate programs help organisations move their people beyond their functions and roles and turn them into the gurus of their industry. Thought Leaders Advantage is a fledgling part of the business. We’ve got some extraordinary partners in this and think anything is possible here.

Other Ventures and Programs

Thought Leaders Finance

Thought Leaders Finance is a joint venture between Thought Leaders and The Practice, our financial advisors and accountants. It's a full financial services offering specifically designed for a thought leader running a practice and aiming to build $5 million in net assets. The offering covers a tailored approach to wealth building, estate planning, risk management, and investing.

Thought Leaders Radio

We are about to launch a brand new podcast, Thought Leaders Radio. It's aimed directly at experts and infopreneurs who are building their businesses. On the show we aim to shine the spotlight on inspiring, successful thought leaders: authors, speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants who have made a significant impact sharing their expertise and have been well rewarded for doing so.

Specialised training programs

From time-to-time we run training programs in specific areas of expertise, also aimed at thought leaders running a thought leadership practice.

Why we do it

Why we do it

Why we do it

Why we do it

Our vision is 1,000 black-belt thought leaders in a room. We reckon that well-resourced, independent thinkers have the best chance of solving the world’s problems. Not to say that governments, charities, corporations, religions etc don’t have a role to play … but we see the biggest opportunity to have an impact is enabling independent thinkers (and then bringing them together).  

Our mission is three fold:

Help clever people be commercially smart

This is what our curriculum is all about. We help experts get well paid (turn over $500k - $1.5M in their business), live great lives (our mantra is do work you love with people you like the way you want) and make the difference they were born to make. 

Be inspired by the company we keep

This is our community meme. Our tribe is very special. Thought leaders in the community are smart, but not just in an academic way … they are actively looking to apply their wisdom to make a contribution and solve problems. And they are commercial, but not in a money grabbing, showy, scammy kind of way. There seems to be a high level of integrity, and a generosity of spirit pervading the tribe. Many members report that finding the TL community feels like coming home.  

Raise consciousness on the planet

Our deeper purpose is to raise consciousness on the planet. We reckon helping independent thinkers become resourced and make the difference they were born to make is the best thing we can do for the planet. 

If you work with us, our intent is that you feel connected to something worthy and see yourself contributing to our purpose and the difference we make. We change lives and aim to change the world.

The role

The Role

The role

The Role

What you will bring

Your skills

  • Experience and proven ability as an Executive Assistant in a high performance environment
  • Great at time management and organising things 
  • Strong computer and online skills – comfortable in online platforms, CRMs, general software applications etc 
  • Strong written communication
  • Confidence in communicating well with a range of people, both in writing and over phone

Your attributes

You are … 

  • Service focused you love to be of service to others
  • Fast – you think quickly, work efficiently and pick up new things with super agility
  • Proactive—you don’t wait to be told what to do; you act with good reasoning and judgement; you foresee problems and issues and act to prevent them 
  • Persistent – you don’t give up at the first hurdle
  • Diligent—you take pride in your work, and care about the little details that most won’t even notice; you know how to prioritise well 
  • Dependable—when you say you’ll do something, we can trust that you’ll do it
  • Optimistic—while still embracing a healthy level of skepticism your overall outlook is joyous and optimistic; you can see the best in things
  • Authentic—there’s no pretence in what you do or second-guessing what you mean
  • Reflective—you make a habit of reflecting on your actions in order to develop and grow.
  • Take ownership – you own your domain, you take full accountability for the roles you play, and you treat the business like it's your own

What you will do

Essentially, your job is to whatever you can do to make the professional life of the CEO easier. Here are some of the tasks that will help achieve this. 


  • Project management – stay on top of various projects on the go
  • CEO support - scheduling / diary support / general support, such as booking flights and other ad hoc nee
  • Managing and updating documented internal processes


  • Manage key external support including virtual assistants, bookkeeper etc. 


  • Help in preparing monthly bookkeeping
  • Support bookkeeping: monthly preparation of financial documents/ reports, generate invoices and statements
  • Client invoicing and follow up
  • Processing merchant / credit card payments
  • Assisting with managing investment properties

Marketing and Events

  • Responsible for maintaining current information and function of the various websites 
  • Managing Pete’s InfusionSoft communications
  • Implementing the social media strategy
  • Scheduling of regular marketing EDMs
  • Content curation
  • Event coordination

Sales and Relationship Management

  • Working with Pete to help set and meet sales targets, e.g. via following up on sales leads
  • Management of all communications to prospects and customers including:  newsletters, blogs, marketing emails, follow up sequences etc. 
  • Managing registration into various programs, workshops, courses, mentoring and coaching programs
  • Managing and maintaining current customer info - client billing, contact details, event attendance
  • Supporting Pete to schedule touchpoints with TLBS students and make sure that everyone in the program is ‘feeling the love’

The team

Our team

The team

Our team

First, Matt and Pete, our back story…

 Pete and Matt

Pete and Matt

Peter Cook is the CEO of Thought Leaders Global, and the Dean of Thought Leaders Business School. Matt Church is the Chairman of Thought Leaders Global, and its founder.

Matt founded Thought Leaders over 15 years ago. He was teaching corporates to speak at the time, and wasn’t loving it. Except every now and then he’d come across someone inspiring, someone with original thinking who wanted to break out of the corporate world. So Thought Leaders was born to help experts capture, package and deliver their thinking.

In 2009 Pete came along and did Matt’s two-day course. He promptly set the record for going from white belt to black belt in the quickest time so far.

They went on to write the book The Thought Leaders Practice together and ran a few programs. They found they loved working together and complemented each other perfectly. 

So they joined forces to create Thought Leaders Business School, and have put this business together essentially to deliver this program. Essentially, Business School combines Matt’s methodology for growing a thought leader's practice with Pete’s implementation framework, providing students with everything they need to succeed in becoming successful, impactful thought leaders. 

Matt and Pete own Thought Leaders together. As CEO Pete runs the day-to-day operations. His passion and strengths culminate in best-practice implementation, and he’s all about getting things done. He lives this and he teaches this. As you can imagine Pete is composed, focused and obsessed about completion. Working here and for Pete is about working on projects that matter, personal and professional, and having a bias towards action and initiative to own a project or process.

Matt’s genius is in strategic thinking and prophetic vision (that’s what his Strength Finder said). What that means is that he will “feel” a direction and put some energy behind it. One of the team explained that working on projects with Matt and Pete was like running with wolves; determined, fast-paced and ruthless about pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve in any moment.

Our extraordinary team...

Matt and Pete of course don't do it alone. We have the backup of an extraordinary team – a team that works in its genius – and we say this unashamedly. You will see this as you get to know us. 

For you to fit into our team, you will care more about your area, your work, than we do. And that’s a big ask, because we tend to care a lot. 

We also want you to feel connected to worthy purpose.

We partner with our staff and have thought deeply about what we expect, and what we give. 

This Genius Team model illustrates how we work with our team and what working in your genius looks like.

 Some of the team at a team meeting

Some of the team at a team meeting

The top half of the model shows what we want team members to give – in essence, an attitude of service and ownership over their work and domain; and the bottom half, what they will get – real purpose and fulfilment, not just in their work but in all areas of their life. 

What we expect from each member of our team is to make our lives easier, and what we are committed to providing to each team member is help to make their life better.

Is our Genius Team model working? We work hard to implement it, and we think it is. Here’s what some of the team have said (unprompted, we promise!)...

Just a quick email to say I’m back in the UK....and I seem to have taken a little bit of you all back with me! Thank you so much for an amazing time and especially for the encouragement to lead an extraordinary life and have a leader, that not only promotes but expects this in the team, is in itself extraordinary.
— Sarah
Hey mate. Sorry if it wake you. I’m standing in this incredible “purple rain” art exhibit in the city, and I am struck by how blessed I am to have you in my life and the incredible opportunities for growth that you provide. I spoke to a whole bunch of people at the airport and it’s fair to say that I am the envy of the room. They wish they could be as lucky as me. I’ve learnt more in the last year and a half since I’ve been working with you than from when I was 7 up until then.

Cheers brother. :)
— Col
If you have a little bit of time, I want to share what my kids told me yesterday.
We were in the parking lot of the school where my eldest son’s summer soccer clinic is held. They just finished for the day, and we were eating snacks before we drive off to the sports club where my daughter and I have our swimming lessons.
My son asked me if I would still be working when we get home later that night. I said yes, then he asked why. I replied, because I still have work hours to finish, and I have remaining tasks to do which I have left for now so I could bring you over to summer classes. Then to my surprise, he said that your boss is cool. That he allows you to leave and take care of us. I smiled and nodded yes.
So I want to thank you again, for the flexibility you have always granted me. I made motherhood + full time work, work, because you have been generous and considerate.
I hope the roadshow tomorrow goes well! :)
— Kate

Why this might not be for you … 

OK, so we've said why we are great to work with. Our team think so. And we love working in this business. But there are reasons why working with us won't be everyone's cup of team. Here's why...

Tyranny of distance 

We are spread out all over the country and indeed all over the world. We don’t all show up to the same office every Monday morning. Lots of advantages in this and lots of great technology that helps us, but if you need your work to provide you with that daily social element and a physical structure, then this probably isn’t for you.

We need it yesterday

Part of our business and model is that we go fast. We want to be able to go from inception to implementation much faster than most people think is possible. Which means that you don’t get enough warning, and often get an insufficient brief.

World’s best

Our standard is world’s best. This means we’re unreasonably demanding on ourselves and the team in terms of the standards we set. It’s the flipside of creating extraordinary work, and it will be uncomfortable at times.

Not a 9–5pm gig

We are both family guys to a fault, and we don’t work or expect 70-hour weeks. It’s up to you to maintain balance, but that’s more likely to be over a quarter than over a day or a week. There will be times (like when we run our quarterly immersions) when everyone leans in, and does more. And then there will be times when it's much more chilled. But part of owning your domain, and caring about it more than us, means you don’t always get to clock off at 5pm.

Why this might just be for you …

Dan Pink has summarised a whole bunch of research about what motivates people, and he's boiled it down to three things. 

  1. A sense of purpose. 
  2. Opportunity to grow.
  3. Autonomy 

We reckon you’ll have the opportunity here to have all three in spades. We’ve talked about the purpose stuff already. 

You will learn learn. This is an opportunity to step up to your potential, and work in your strengths. No doubt it will be a stretch in some areas, but if you’re up for that, we’ll support you all the way.

And as the Genius Team model demonstrates, we’re looking for you to own your domain, and we give you a lot of space to achieve what you’re accountable for. Definitely no micro management around here. 

On top of that you're surrounded by passionate, smart people ... an amazing team all working in their genius. And (for the most part) the absolute best clients you could dream of. Smart, passionate, interesting, up for the extraordinary in life, making a difference.

What next?

What next?

What next?

What next?

So it's not a normal place to work.

You don’t work like people typically do.

You though are pretty amazing when you work in your genius.

You need to care about stuff more than we do.

You need to be committed to things getting better all the time.

World’s best means doing great work and not simply dialling in a day’s work.

It also means we are always in a state of continuous improvement.

You will have huge freedom and autonomy around work to generate results.

You may not work with us forever, but you won’t forget what you do here, ever.

We hope this is a fit for you and realise that any time you are making a decision like working with us, you are expressing who you are, what you stand for and we would be honoured to see that part of you in full flight.


What do you need to do next?

So you’re still with us, and what you've learned about us and this role lights your fire, floats your boat, excites your socks off. You want in!

What do you need to do next? 

Please apply by sending your CV and cover letter to info@thoughtleaders.com.au.

Our recruitment partner Can We Talk will get back to you with more details and to let you know what's next. 

With thanks