November Immersion is different!

  1. We are in Chatswood!

  2. It’s a 40 minute peak-hour taxi ride during peak hour. We have arranged accomodation with the adjoining hotel, SILKARI SUITES:

  3. Prices range from $200 to $300 per night, and the great news is that some $300 rooms are two-bedroom/two-bathroom, so you can share with plenty of comfort. LINK

  4. When booking your accomodation, remember to think about staying Saturday night, because…

We’re having a BALL! Not just any Ball, a Ball on a BOAT!

The Ball will be on Saturday night, November 30th.

We have a private cruise booked, which will leave Kings Wharf (map) at 7pm SHARP.

There will be a charter bus leaving Chatswood at 6pm sharp, and returning at the end of the cruise.

TLBS ball is a time to celebrate your year with the TLBS tribe, with your partner, with your business manager.

$160 per head, includes:
Beer, Wine, Champagne, Canapes, .
Three level boat, dance-floor, Live band
Plenty of secluded and (relatively) quiet spaces.

Bring your partner, your business manager (and their partner?) to celebrate the year.

Tickets for the ball.