Our mission is to help clever people be commercially smart. This program is all about helping experts—solo consultants, speakers, authors, trainers, facilitators, mentors and coaches—get their business model right. Col Fink, our head of engagement, breaks down the structure of the program for you in this video:

Five three-day immersions

Every quarter we get together, alternating between Melbourne and Sydney, for a three-day immersion. Because you have learned the methodology as part of the preparation (see below) we don’t need to teach the basics again and again. These workshops are all about implementation and mastery. We will deepen your skills around thinking, selling and delivery, and we will go to work implementing your gameplan.

In each immersion we:

  • Review. Look at what worked and what didn’t over the last 90 days and share our learnings and our successes.

  • Think. We’ll spend some time creating your intellectual property, reviewing it and getting mentoring on making it rock.

  • Sell. We’ll go to work on creating all the collateral and designing the conversations that you need to hit your sales targets over the next 90 days.

  • Deliver. We’ll work on delivery - how are you going to deliver your next program and what do you need to make that world class.

  • Celebrate. Each quarter we celebrate the different breakthroughs you’ve achieved. This creates a culture of success, and gives us space to share the victories we can’t share anywhere else.

  • Learn. We’ll bring in a rockstar, world-class presenter whose message will help accelerate your journey. We’ll also teach some of the finer distinctions and nuances of the methodology.

  • Plan. We spend some time creating the detailed plan for the next 90 days so you leave knowing exactly what you need to do.

  • Mentor. There is space for open mentoring at the front of the room through hot-seats, and one-on-one mentoring from the faculty.

  • Connect. There are lots of informal opportunities to connect socially with other students, the faculty and the presenters.

These immersions are the cornerstone of the program, and over 12 months you will share the journey with a group of peers on the same journey.


Next Intake

Thought Leaders Business School is a rolling intake program, with entry points every three months. Our next available intake is November 2019.

Nov 28-30, 2019

Feb 27-29, 2020
3 places left

May 28-30, 2020

Aug 27-29, 2020


Presently, the educational sector is undergoing a revolution in the way that learning environments are structured. Lead most famously by the Khan Academy, but in various phases of implementation from primary schools through to Ivy League universities, the new paradigm of education almost completely flips the concept of teaching and homework.

Teaching now happens online, in video segments which are absorbed by the students in their own time, at their own pace. The classroom then becomes a workshop, where the teacher can work with each student on the particular challenges they face, and productivity soars as the students receive immediate help and feedback when working through the exercises.

This revolution has inspired the structure of Thought Leaders Business School.

We’ve created an online platform that teaches the Thought Leaders methodology. Over 50 videos that show you how to capture, package and deliver your ideas to move from white belt to black belt and beyond.

There are also over 120 resources to accelerate your implementation of this methodology–templates of the critical collateral you will need to launch speaking, authoring, training, mentoring, facilitating and coaching offerings into professional and public markets.

Our onboarding program means you have access to this material as soon as you sign up. In the months prior to your first immersion you'll be learning the curriculum, refining your IP, and developing new commercial offerings that are ready to take to market. You'll be guided through the process of learning the curriculum, and enjoy the input and feedback from mentors and faculty as you submit your work, ensuring you're well prepared for your first immersion.

Everyone joining Thought Leaders Business School is expected to be at white belt running rate ($10K per month in sales) at the time of your first immersion, and the onboarding process provides everything you need to build your monthly revenue if your practice is not already at that level.

Almost everyone will see a significant financial impact on their practice throughout the onboarding process, and by following the system some students have managed to generate more additional income than the annual cost of the program before they arrive!


You will have a member of the Thought Leaders Business School Faculty coaching you throughout the program one-on-one. Each month between the immersions you will have a scheduled coaching call to keep you on track.

Your mentor will also receive your dashboard, and see your actions and your results week-to-week. The faculty are all graduates of the program who have successfully implemented the methodology and are successful thought leaders in their own right. They have also been accredited in helping others through the program. Having a coach of this caliber is an invaluable part of the program.


Every month Matt spends time with Business School students on a webcast and group conference call. These touch points keep you focused, inspired and are a great chance to to explore the necessary breakthrough moments that occur on the journey to black belt. 

Between the quarterly Business School immersions, the mentoring webinars help to maintain clarity, boost motivation, and remind you to stay in action.


Virtual Support

We reckon every thought leader should have an awesome virtual assistant offshore, either supporting you directly, or supporting your local business manager. We’ve spent a lot of time working out how to get that right and what the failure points are.

It turns out the key is training you how to effectively prepare for and work with an offshore VA. So over the course of the 12 month program we’ll pick one quarter to help you engage a rock star virtual assistant who will save you time, help you grow and make life easier. During that quarter we’ll go over the preparation, recruitment, and the induction of your Gun VA.

We’ll send you a video each week, and provide all the templates, procedures, contracts, links and resources you need so you’re not reinventing the wheel. (We have also offered this as a stand alone 90-day program for $2,145, but now it's rolled into Thought Leaders Business School.)


Ok - lets get down to brass tacks. This program is about doing the work. Doing great work, worthy work, and the right work, but none the less there is work to be done. And there is some stuff you need to deliver over the 12 months.

Throughout the year you will:

  • Submit 101 IP Snapshots. That is 101 unique, fleshed-out ideas using the Intellectual Property Snapshot (or Pink Sheet, as it's affectionately known). If you’re going to call yourself a thought leader the first step is to do the thinking. We’ll show the methodology to do this, and track the results.

  • Launch four clusters. The program is broken into 90-day blocks, punctuated by the immersions. Each 90 days you will take a new cluster, a new offering, to market. A big chunk of each immersion is preparing everything you need to effectively sell and deliver that offering. This aims to add at least two belts ($240,000 a year) to your practice.

  • Write one book. By the end of the 12 months you’ll have a published book. This may be self published, or we may introduce you to a mainstream publisher if that makes sense for your practice and your book. Check out some of the books our graduates have written.

  • Keep score. Your job in your thought leaders practice is to think, sell and deliver. We’re going to measure all three. Each week you’ll track your thinking (how many IP Snapshots got submitted), your sales and your delivery on your dashboard. And you'll submit it to your coach and to us. It’s amazing the difference that putting your attention on these three measures week-to-week makes.


Accountability is a key component of the program, and there’s a lot of evidence out there that shows how it helps, why it reduces the amount of willpower needed to get something done and increases the chances of a project’s success. And I’m sure that’s true of your own experience. It’s something that a lot of students crave, and that they miss being on their own.

There are four levels of accountability – personal, peer, positional and public – and we use all four in Thought Leaders Business School.

Of course it wouldn’t be Thought Leaders if we didn’t have a model, so you can see the four levels and the escalating consequences (from Pete’s book on Implementation, The New Rules of Management).

And of course everything is better if it's gamified, so we’ve created an accountability game. As part of the program you commit to filling in your dashboard weekly (updating your scoreboard and identifying the most important actions to take), and taking your three mission critical “above the line” actions each week.

Any week where you don’t submit your dashboard by the following Monday to your coach and the program manager, or you haven’t completed your three mission-critical above-the-line actions, you will pay a fine of $100 (that goes to the chosen charity). If you complete your actions for all 13 weeks, then Pete and Matt pay the fine.

How cool is that?


A tribe

The humbling thing that we’ve learned delivering the program is that the most valuable component actually has nothing to do with us. The element of the program that is truly priceless is being part of a community of like-minded thought leaders on the same journey.

There is a lot of cool science (which we won’t go into now) that demonstrates the impacts of social norms, and how powerful the group dynamic is. We are hard-wired from tens of thousands of years as tribal animals to want to fit in. For most of our evolution as a species our survival depended on it.


The best way to to take advantage of this trait is to find a tribe that thinks the way you want to think, that behaves how you want to behave, and that is producing the results that you want to produce.

Over the course of the year what’s normal gets redefined in your subconscious. It will become normal to write a book in 12 months (without taking any time off from your business to do so). It will become normal to earn $500k to $1.5M in your practice. It will become normal to think about $3,000 days and $5,000 days … and then $10,000 days and even $50,000 days.


And this change in mindset, which comes from the tribe much more than it comes from us, is what makes everything not just possible, but inevitable. The tribe gets together at the quarterly immersions, on the online hub and through informal local meet-ups.