The Work

In signing up to The Bootcamp, you’re putting yourself on the wrong side of a lot of good work. 

We want you to be really clear about what you’ll need to get done during the 90 day sprint in order to make this process work and build a new commercial offering that generates $10,000 per month.

In summary, we think you’ll need to spend a minimum of 8 hours per week throughout the program in order to succeed. Here are the individual components you’ll need to complete:

  • Watch the curriculum
    We’ll teach you a bunch of the key concepts via video content in our online platform. There will be about three hours of content to consume all up.

  • 20 pink sheets
    The pink sheet is a one-page (A4 / US letter) snapshot of a piece of your intellectual property. We’re going to use the pink sheet process to capture some key chunks of your IP to form the basis of your cluster. Each pink sheet can be created in as little as ten minutes, or as much as an hour (or as long as you want to spend on it).

  • One ’narrow your market’ process
    A single-page exercise that documents the process of selecting your prime market niche. Much more time spent thinking than writing. Takes about an hour.

  • One green sheet
    This is a one-page document, but you might create it 10-20 times before you get it perfect. It documents the problems you solve and the value you deliver. This process might take 5-10 hours overall (or as long as you want to work on it).

  • One cluster check
    The cluster check is a qualitative single-page exercise you’ll use to perform a ‘temperature check’ on your cluster to get really clear about how it’ll be perceived by the people buying it. You might iterate it 3-5 times before you get it exactly how you like it, which might take a couple of hours.

  • One cluster card
    The cluster card captures all the quantitative aspects of the project; the cost, the activity, sales and delivery targets, etc. You’ll spend an hour or two on this (and the thinking that drives it).

  • Cluster dashboard set up
    The dashboard is a bespoke piece of software with which we’ll track the development of your cluster, and the activity you engage in to make your cluster a commercial success. Getting everything from the cluster card uploaded and everything set up just how you like it might take an hour or two.

  • Dashboard activity targets set
    You’ll set targets for approaches and meetings (and maybe proposals). For this cluster, we’ll recommend a minimum of 40 approaches and 10 meetings.

  • Dashboard targets met
    This is where the rubber really hits the road. To meet your activity targets, you’ll need to have approached (eg, phoned) at least 40 people, and met (either in person or on a video call) with at least 10 of them. This represents 20-30 hours of work at minimum.


The Process

The program is broken into two parts.

Part one is a 90 day sprint. In that time, you’ll complete all the work detailed above, with the goal of earning your first $10K in the last month of the sprint.

The sprint is going to be hard work, but you’ll have lots of support around you.

The content gets delivered via our online learning portal. You’ll learn the key concepts and strategies through videos and exercises.

When it comes to implementing what you’ve learned, there’s both group coaching sessions (on Zoom) and one-on-one mentoring (Zoom and phone/whatsapp) throughout the process. It’s an environment that will help you work quickly – possibly quicker than you realised is possible – but still with laser-sharp focus and exceptional results.

You’ll be held accountable to the commitments you make to yourself by tracking them on our bespoke Thought Leaders dashboard. This software makes your progress visible to you and the mentoring team, which will help keep you motivated and on track. 

Following the sprint, part two is a 90 day accountability period. In this time, your project is to continue the momentum developed in the sprint, and replicate the $10K in sales in each of the following months.

In this period we’ll continue to utilise the dashboard to keep your activity and progress visible, and use fortnightly group check-ins to maintain your energy and keep the momentum happening.

Through this entire process, you have 24/7 access to Thought Leaders Central, where you can ask questions, see what everyone else is up to, and generally stay connected with the tribe.

The guarantee

Whilst this program is new, the strategy is not. We know this works, so we’re willing to back it with a serious guarantee.

If you do the work, the program will at least pay for itself. If it doesn’t, we’ll refund the difference.