Women of Power

Women of Power

Matt Church

Matt Church

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Published by Matt Church – Founder on 24 February 2022


Here is to the powerful women in our families and lives. May we support them, honour them, and celebrate them.


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I am fortunate to have many powerful women in my world and I am so grateful that they have been influencing how I think and act for many many years. If I were to look back on how I have changed for the better over recent years, I could attribute almost all of it to the influence of these amazing women.

We are approaching International Women’s day on the 8th of March, so it is appropriate that we take time to acknowledge the wonderful work many of our thought leaders who are women do in the world. As a white, middle-aged male, I step gently into this space claiming no place of lived experience!

Three of these powerful women at different times over the last few years have suggested that I read the work of bell hooks. (Not a typo. Born Gloria Jean Watkins, bell hooks is a pen name inspired by her great-grandmother. She preferred to keep her name lower case to shift the focus more on her writing than on herself. bell has written over forty books and her book, The Will to Change, has impacted me deeply over this summer. This book introduced me to the social and political context of patriarchy and its dedication to command and domination as a way of living. bell talks about white privilege, capitalism, sexism, and many of the ways that this domination orientation drives dysfunction throughout society.

I found this book particularly relevant as it speaks to what men can do when they wake up to the role that a domination and repression culture has had on shaping how we men, be men. How we show up in our relationships and what choices we can make to show up authentically, integrated, and partner with women and men more effectively. Be this in the home, as a parent, or at work.

What has struck me so clearly is the way we all lose when we believe that domination of any kind is OK. Freedom is the goal for all. I believe that if you get what you want or think you want, or have been told you might want but do so at the expense of others, then you will never ever truly get what you want.

Conscious leaders are conscious of the power and control dynamics that shape all our lives, regardless of our gender or how we identify.

We all get to choose how we show up in the world. Freedom, independence, and evolution are three of our highest values at Thought Leaders. If you believe in agency and freedom, then this year might just be the year you take a stand for living the life you want, without compromise.So much to learn, so many habits to undo, so many patterns of coercion have been laid down over our lives. We lose so many opportunities when we live a compartmentalised, shut down, binary existence. I am loving living a more deeply integrated life, partnering, sharing, and co-creating with the women in my world.

On Tuesday 8th March, our CEO Lisa O’Neill and I will be hosting a conversation about women in leadership to celebrate International Women’s Day. As well as leading Thought Leaders, Lisa has created a leadership program called WomenofPower.com. We could not have survived the last few years without Lisa’s strong hand driving us forward. Here is to the powerful women in our families and lives. May we support them, honour them and celebrate them.
You can register for the International Women’s Day event here.


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