What Drives You

What Drives You

Matt Church

Matt Church

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Published by Matt Church – Founder on 1 November 2022

Act as if your lived experience has been shaping and forming the insights you can share with the world because that’s exactly what they do!


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One of my favourite things to see as thought leaders progress on their journey is a sense of deep purpose instructing or driving their work. When this happens, the thought leader is aligning what they know, what they do, and who they are to great effect.

But they don’t always start out knowing what this sense of purpose is exactly. Often, we have an abstract feeling of what we are meant to do but no real clear picture of how to bring that into focus and make it part of our work.

There is a tipping point moment that occurs around Blue Belt ($40,000 a month) where thought leaders go from ‘putting work out in the world’ to knowing ‘why their work matters in the world’. Not surprisingly, this moment sees shifts in value perception. Shifts externally in the market but also deep within the thought leader.

This is where you can do some work on focusing your deep aspiration. Explore deeply why your work matters in the world. Doing this is commercially smart. When you align your work with service and joy, you also start to see an escalation in commercial benefits.

The market sees a shift in you as a thought leader as they experience your deep sense of conviction around your work. When this happens, there is no need for them to be convinced. You stop selling and people start buying.

When this shift occurs internally, the thought leader starts to deepen their work as it takes on a transpersonal nature. It’s as if there is a shift from the work serving you, to you serving the work. The work stops being transactional and starts to become transformational. You become a custodian of the work.

I notice this tends to happen over time and not ahead of time. Rarely do Thought Leaders start out experiencing this deep purpose. Indeed being too sure early on can delay this tipping point.

And as frustrating as this is for those starting out or rebooting their journey as a thought leader, it seems that the purpose is revealed on the other side of doing some good work.

You really don’t find yourself out there but rather create yourself right here, where you are, doing great work in the world.

Perhaps you could see this as a relief?

Pray for water, but start walking.
Somali Proverb

Rather than struggling to find your deep sense of purpose at the start, we can just start walking. Walk towards the things that give you joy. Walk towards the things that take courage to share. Turn in and walk the path of introspection, contemplating the things you have learnt along your way. Act as if your lived experience has been shaping and forming the insights you can share with the world because that’s exactly what they do!

And while it might be frustrating early to walk without knowing what the destination may be, rest in the wisdom that you are always on purpose even when you are off track. Keep walking, keep doing good work. Stop giving away your time in obligation and start working towards the true north of:

Doing work you love, with people you like, the way you want.

Love on the journey.

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