There Are Often Two Buyers

There Are Often Two Buyers

Matt Church

Matt Church

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Sometimes it’s commercially smart to think of your audience and your buyer as two separate people.

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An example might be that a leader engages you to work with their team around an issue, say engagement. The team attends a workshop where you teach coaching as a capability. To the decision maker, you are delivering on engagement (let’s call this the why). To the audience, you teach listening, questioning, and curiosity (let’s call this the how).

It is commercially smart to focus on the why, in this case, ‘engagement’ with the economic decision maker and the broader market. Most experts think audience specific and so can be a little ‘how’ centred. Typically unpacking their process under the illusion that if we demonstrate enough practical application, people will surely see our value and buy, right?

Yeah, not so much.

“You have two audiences: the business case audience and the knowledge case audience.”

.Sometimes these two cases reside in one person but more typically, not. It’s a common mistake for clever people to mix these up and start teaching the how to the decision maker; this slows down and confuses the sale.

First, they commit, and then you teach. That’s why we have a mantra in our school of ‘commit to the committed.’ There are often two buyers; the economic buyer and the people being educated. Matt Church Signature

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