The Role of Empathy in Your Commercial Practice

The Role of Empathy in Your Commercial Practice

Matt Church

Matt Church

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Published by Matt Church – Founder on 10 April 2024

Expertise alone is often tone-deaf, missing the social and behavioural cues required to form a connection with others.


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Here at Thought Leaders, our ‘Practice Curriculum’ helps experts unpack what they know and their expertise via a pink sheet. We wrote a whole book dedicated to just that; it’s pink and called Think. If the Pink Sheet helps you capture your expertise, the Green Sheet is our tool that not only enables you to connect empathically to those who may buy your expertise but also opens up new avenues of understanding and connection. 

Balancing expertise and empathy is critical to being commercially smart as a thought leader. Lots of ‘knowing what to do’ is wasted if you can’t do so in a way that respects where people are at and where they want to go next. 

Expertise alone is often tone-deaf, missing the social and behavioural cues required to form a connection with others. Sometimes, expertise is too surgical, practical, and matter-of-fact. But with the Green Sheet, you have a step-by-step process that allows you to walk in the shoes of others, making your commercial practice smarter and more effective. 

High level, the green sheet is supported by a 5-step process…

  1. Think about what you know and who it may serve.
  2. Identify what aspirations they may have that your insights could aid.
  3. Identify what challenges they may be facing and sequence these from the obvious to the less obvious.
  4. Sketch out a journey they might go on that has several hurdles to overcome and fundamental paradigm shifts.
  5. Consider questions and remarks that can bring all this to life in a conversation.

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