The Lazy Chat

The Lazy Chat

Matt Church

Matt Church

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I spent 30 minutes this morning on Facebook (I never am) and wondered why we would. It’s a trove of noise, interruptions, get-rich scams, and comparisonitis. Attention-holding videos that never get to the promised point or shame us into some kind of call to action.

Reading the comments on a few videos, I see an even deeper dive into the land of trolls, unresolved childhood traumas, and cries for help. Eckhart Tolle is onto something when he says most social media is simply a place wherein we can curate our current level of consciousness. If you are on social media as a thought leader, do it well.

Focus on an issue.
Build a community committed to that issue.
Share high-value content.

I then spent a few hours on Medium, an enduring blog platform I used to enjoy. It’s been a phat minute since I was on the platform and there has been a major shift in the tone of the content. Thanks to GPT… it’s now full of boring AI newsletters and blog posts. The lack of soul in the writing is palpable.

To be clear, I am no Luddite when it comes to AI. We are deploying some really smart, beyond-prompt solutions for our students, designed to help them apply the curriculum we teach more easily.

Shaping and strategizing the application of AI is big in our world at the moment. AND the AI-generated lists and sanitised sentence structure of AI-generated content are like background noise at an airport. They do nothing for the soul, they provide no nutritional value.

Use them to scaffold out a post, maybe open up your thinking to new ideas, but they do not, at this stage, help you do more than listify and fill pages with words and the world with noise.

I don’t want to read a grammatically correct, balanced, encyclopedia-like reporting on an issue… I want you. As a reader and follower, I want your lived experience, your essence, and your hard-earned expertise. The poetry of your scars, the fingerprint of your essence. Your hard-won wisdom connects to my desires, my dreams, and my hopes for intimacy. Do the work to unearth what your contribution to a body of knowledge may be, therein lies your commercialised insight potential.

Right now, AI-generated content is like Clipart was to PowerPoint. Everyone could do it and so it very quickly lost its point of difference. We cringed when screeching animated paper clips swooped onto the slide deck of the CEO’s annual address. These Chat GPT-generated blogs are the same.

Your point of difference will be authentic content, archeologically extracted from your lived experience. Don’t outsource your insights to a learning machine. This will make you a thought repeater at best.

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