Meaning and Money Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Meaning and Money Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Matt Church

Matt Church

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Putting purpose and meaning around what you do, you can also make money.

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This newsletter might seem a little ‘us, Thought Leaders Inc’ focussed but I share it so you can model the process for your practice. This week, I am exploring an overarching question for you; does your work hold a strong sense of meaning? We often sacrifice money at the altar of meaning and can sometimes believe we can’t make money and make a difference.

I know for sure that is just not true!

Let’s spend some time this week thinking about meaning.

Thought Leaders’ strong ideology around liberty and freedom might sometimes seem fanciful. We believe thinkers should be free of dogma and doctrine, free to work in and out of the systems of society. They should be financially free. And we believe everyone can do work they love, with people they like, the way they want.

You never need a vacation from your vocation. And we also appreciate this is a privilege not afforded to all. So yes, it’s a little romantic in theory. It is also, however, real in practice.

Over the last few decades, hundreds of people from all disciplines and styles have succeeded at being commercially smart around sharing what they know. In the words of Mike and Pip, two of our tribe, it’s entirely possible. They had t-shirts made to prove it.

The curious sceptic might question the possibility of earning half to one and a half million a year selling your time in a practice model, 50-200 days a year, with one or maybe two staff.

The doubt is fair and valid but while our systems and processes might be one part ideology, they are nine parts strategy. We don’t just talk about freedom; we have an actionable plan for making it possible. 10% ideology, 90% strategy.

This strategy has been proven again and again and is a system that is adaptable to individual circumstances and yet rigid enough to provide the scaffolding required for change.

Our invitation to people is built around a set of primary memes. These memes, with caution to the subtle hierarchy they imply, become levels of engagement for people.

TL memes
For some, our curriculum is everything. For others, it’s about the community; for some, it might be about the personal growth the journey requires.

My invitation is to see your body of work through a similar lens. What is the curriculum of work you want to share with the world and why is it worth sharing?

Maybe ask yourself three questions about the meaning of your work:

Why this work matters in the world? (Importance)
Why this work matters now? (Urgency)
Why do you care about and stand for this work? (Authenticity)

Avoid questions like …

Does my work matter?
Does anyone care about this work?
Am I good enough to stand alongside this work?

Putting purpose and meaning around what you do, you can also make money.

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