Limiting Stories

Limiting Stories

Matt Church

Matt Church

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Published by Matt Church – Founder on 13 September 2023

So much of the time, the thing that’s stopping a thought leader’s success is the stories they tell themselves that just aren’t true.


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For me, these are stories I may tell myself about who I am and what I can do. These stories are often limiting and probably the only thing that has any power to stop me creating a life and practice by design.

How about you? Are there any stories about you that you have told yourself for the longest time but just may no longer be true?

Next time you find yourself in a self-driven narrative about you, stop and ask…is this true? Is this still true? And perhaps more powerfully, does it serve me to believe that story?

Byron Katie, in her book The Work, goes further and asks: how do you know it’s true? And what would you be if you believed it and the inverse: what would you be if you did not believe it?

The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves often need a sequel, perhaps a rewrite or a gentle releasing.

And once you start re-writing and releasing your self defining (perhaps self-limiting) stories, you start to no longer believe your old stories.

This realignment then subtly shifts your attentiveness to other people’s stories about what’s possible for you. If you don’t believe the stories you tell yourself about you, then you are perhaps less likely to believe the ones I tell you about you and what’s possible.

I like to think that my stories are not what’s happened to me but rather something that’s happened for me. This gives me more creative power and a deeper life force for what’s next!

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