Lisa O'Neill

Lisa O'Neill

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Giving out what you want is the most simple rule in the law of attraction.

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The power of generosity. One of my philosophies in life is that the more you give, the more you get. At Thought Leaders, we talk about this as ‘being in service’. A great thought leader shows up to serve solutions. But there is so much more we can provide. In a world full of pain, we have the option of being generous every day. We all have generosity at our fingertips. A kind smile, a generous comment, a testimonial, a thoughtful link or article – there are so many ways we can all give.

Mindset is the top circle that sits above the Thought Leaders Cluster Model. A mindset of generosity is a game-changer when you run a practice. Sometimes the pressure of being self-employed can bring in fear. The thought of not having the regular income that a ‘job’ offers can trigger a focus on lack and limitation. This is an important thing to be aware of. Where is lack and limitation showing up for you?

The fastest way for me to snap out of lack and less is to flip into generosity. If I am wanting compliments, I compliment others. If I am wanting someone to pay me, I pay someone. If I am wanting a referral, I refer someone else. Giving out what you want is the most simple rule in the law of attraction.

I firmly believe that what you put out into the world you will get back. I am a huge fan of abundance. I believe that Gratitude + Generosity = Abundance.

I consider myself a plentiful resource. An endless supply of energy, ideas, and effort. I also consider myself incredibly privileged. I am clever, connected, seen, heard, loved, and valued. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world can say the same. As a privileged person, I feel it is my job to give. To love, to value, to see and to hear people.

I love the idea of bringing a plate. Of arriving bearing gifts. My friend, Fleur, is an Indian woman who never arrives anywhere without bringing a gift. Something sweet. A bar of chocolate. An offering of generosity and kindness. Everywhere we go, we carry an energetic basket. Our basket can be full of kindness, praise, effort, and energy or it can be a basket of lack. A basket that believes it needs filling. People who carry a basket of lack are always looking for others to fill them up. To take from the plate rather than to add to it. We all have generosity at our fingertips. A kind smile, a generous comment doesn’t cost a thing. It’s our mindset, not our wallets that stop us from being generous. What would you lose by being generous?

Altruism is what many think of when they consider being generous. I love the definition of ‘bringing advantages to others’. The generosity of the community at Thought Leaders Business School is unbelievable. So unbelievable that I am constantly asked about it. Why do these people want to help me? Why would someone spend time with me to help me capture my IP, design my program, or finesse my Green Sheet?

Because we have all been there. We have struggled. We have stressed. Those of us further down the road have the benefit of experience. We get to empathise with where others are at. We get to offer the support and kindness that was shown to us at the same stage of the journey. It’s the most wonderful loop of generosity.

A generous community comes from the belief that there is no competition. That we live in an abundant world and that we are all different. The unique intelligence exercise in the curriculum teaches us to focus on the combination of our experience, our expertise, and our essence. There is no other person on the planet with the same combination of these three things as you. Even if you met someone who did exactly the same training or study, who worked in exactly the same role in exactly the same building at exactly the same time, they would not have your essence. Your personality, your passion, your heart, your preferences. Being unique is a thought leader’s superpower.

Optimism comes from altruism. It is the gift inside the giving. Generous people are idealists. They have a certain image of the way the world should be and strive to achieve that end. Although the world is not a perfect place, these people do not stop giving their time, energy, or money. As optimists, they see the world in a different light than others. They truly believe that the world, although not perfect, can be made into a much better place.

Trust is another quality amongst generous people. They trust that the people will do their best. The world has their back and they can feel safe knowing what they put out into the world will come back to them.

Generous people have great energy. Doing good – helping a fellow human energises them and replenishes their energy. They are then able to do even more good.

The combination of altruism; a wish to help or bring advantages to others, optimism; an ability to expect the best and trust; confidence about the future – gives us the ability to lead. Generous people are not afraid to stand up and lead a cause. As thought leaders, we are all leading an area of expertise, some are leading communities, and some are leading movements.

Diane von Furstenburg was one of my early heroes. A Belgian fashion designer who changed the way women dressed by designing one of the most famous dresses in the world. She caught my eye as a young fashion stylist. After reading and following her, I learned more about generosity and empowerment than I did about fashion and fabrics. Diane gives thousands of dollars and hours of time to supporting and acknowledging women in leadership roles. “Generosity is the best investment.” is her life and business philosophy.

If you have the ability to make someone’s day, you should! Say it when you see it. Comment on a social media post. Acknowledge incredible delivery. Refer great people. The more you give, the more you get.


“For it is in giving that we receive” – St. Francis of Assisi


Lisa O’Neill

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