Lisa O'Neill

Lisa O'Neill

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Passion creates energy and effort becomes a by-product of that energy.

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I love effort – I love going the extra mile. The extra 20% between great and excellent has always interested me.

Getting up and going through the motions of life is existing. It’s about putting on clothes and eating food and doing jobs. It is living in a world full of obligations and ‘shoulds’.

For me, effort is about love and joy and pleasure and fun and energy. It’s about wearing what you love. Eating what you enjoy and doing what lights you up. It’s about going the extra mile, it’s about doing a bit more towards something you are passionate about.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.”  – Simon Sinek

Passion creates energy and effort becomes a by-product of that energy. You almost can’t help making an effort when you are filled with passion and purpose for what you are doing.

How are your effort levels? Not feeling very ‘effortful’ is always a sign for me. It means I am doing the wrong work or I am doing too much! Overworking or working on the wrong stuff are two sure ways to kill your desire for effort!

Some people tell me that they have no interest in effort. They want an easy life. They have decided that good enough is enough. Some people believe that average is their zone. They believe that average is fine, that’s where they are happy and they never strive for anything more.

But what if you are not happy? What if you want more?

I meet many people who are great. Their lives are great but they have plateaued. They have settled for great. I always challenge them to stretch, to look deeper, to lift their eye line higher and to imagine what their world would look like at magnificent!

Effort looks different for different people. For someone who is struggling – an effort is to get dressed and leave the house. For someone who is shy – an effort is to attend a networking event for an hour. What is an effort for you? What would stretch you? What would be worth striving for? Who is worth effort in your life?

When I first heard about Thought Leaders, I was wanting more. I was wanting to be better. It was frustrating to be filled with effort and energy but not know how or where to direct it.

The curriculum helped me to get:

  1. Clarity:
    I got clear. Clarity helps you to know your zone. What’s your current message? Your favourite market, your best method of delivery.
  2. Action:
    I got going! I had a game to play. Folders to fill, Pink Sheets to do, books to write, people to phone!
  3. Improvement:
    I got better. I turned up. Each time I watched something, each time I had a conversation with someone in the community, I got better. Consistent improvement is something I have always been interested in.

Make an effort today!

Lisa O’Neill

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