Do You Have an Open House?

Do You Have an Open House?

Matt Church

Matt Church

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What’s your ‘open house’ strategy?


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I love real estate and spend a lot of time in that space. One thing I have noticed about how agents operate is the concept of showing a property a couple of times per week, here in Australia we call that an ‘open house’.

If you are selling a house, the agent will put a 45-minute open for inspection on a Wednesday (in Manly Beach) and a Saturday.  This is a locked-in scheduled time for potential buyers to look through the house. An assistant typically opens and closes the house and the primary agent comes in for the key conversations.

Super slick…we could talk about how a commercially successful thought leaders practice does the same with a good practice manager and support team. This newsletter, though, is about the power of committing to the two timeslots per week and the subsequent commerce that ensues. My question for you is, what’s your ‘open house’ strategy?

By holding two days of the week where houses are open, the agents get very efficient about inviting people to those times, and all the commerce for the week can be built out from these ‘catch all’ business development activities.

A thought leader could do the same by making Mondays client meeting days. Or Wednesdays Webinar day…or perhaps a 1st Tuesday of the Month club. The idea is that on a regular basis, you have a business creating experience in your diary and commit to running it regularly, weekly would be ideal!

This regular schedule also trains us, as buyers, to be free on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They know when we are coming and we know when we are going. So once again, the question I’d encourage you to ponder is, what’s your equivalent to the open house?

Some things to factor into your planning:

  1. Is it something we are interested in? Don’t offer what you want, offer what I, as a customer, want. If I am in the market to buy a house, then I am interested in open houses.
  2. What’s your weekly cadence and commitment? How often and for how long do you offer your ‘open house’? And are you willing to stick to this cadence?
  3. Move from random ad hoc business development and get deliberate and strategic about the cadence of meetings and business development experiences.

Thought Leaders is a school for experts and our focus is helping clever people be commercially smart. In the curriculum, we teach emerging thought leaders to run regular ‘busk out’ sessions, demonstrating what they know and how it helps their ideal clients. For the established thought leaders, we teach them the power of paid ‘wedge workshops’.

Join us if you think you have a book in you that can help shift the human condition in life or work.

Share your thoughts, the world needs more well-developed expertise.


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