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Don’t Teach When Selling

The commercial conversation is about invitation and exploration, try not to make it about education.

Focus On One Thing, Then Don’t

Message, market and method are the tumblers on your practice safe. They are the combinations that help you unlock your greatest value as soon as possible.


The irony of your expertise might be the place to locate your point of difference.

What if You Get Hit by a Bus?

So much of what you do running a commercially successful thought leaders practice is dependent on your mojo.

Why You May Need to Get More Support

Do more of the work you love with the people you like to spend time with in a way that works for them and you. Work you love, people you like, the way you want.

Process or Perspective Gurus

What do you know that you could become professionally famous for knowing?

Don’t Become Method Locked

When you build your practice around message positioning rather than a method or a process, you start to create an attraction-based business.

Small is Beautiful

It’s amazing how much freedom there is for people in a practice model. Running a practice where you sell your time enables you to do work you love, with people you like, the way you want.

There Are Often Two Buyers

Sometimes it's commercially smart to think of your audience and your buyer as two separate people.

The Three Fundamentals

Here are three things to consider if being a commercially successful thought leader is what you want.

How to Be a Thought Leader

There are 18 words you need at the front of your mind when you are a thought leader.

Meaning and Money Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Putting purpose and meaning around what you do, you can also make money.

Empathy Trumps Expertise

What you know matters a lot; connecting to others so that they value it matters more.

Being in Charge

When you run your own practice, you are in charge.

Positioning Bias

When you build a practice with positioning as your highest impact activity, you develop a different...

Being Commercially Smart

Your Unique Genius

The world needs to know what you have learned, what you have experienced, and what the world looks...


Making yourself a priority is important if you want to make an impact. Giving yourself space is one...

The Lazy Chat

Don't use CHAT GPT for your newsletters and blogs.

Family Tree of IP

Having a lot of IP is a blessing and a curse.

Do You Have an Open House?

What's your 'open house' strategy?

Nice Cluster!

Selling things that are necessary, nice, and indulgent!

Limiting Stories

So much of the time, the thing that's stopping a thought leader's success is the stories they tell themselves that just aren't true.

Being Self-employed

Imagine a world where everyone did work that they love. Work that lit them up. A world where people did things that they were passionate about.

Grow Your Practice

If you want to grow your practice, there are four clear focus areas.

International Women’s Day

Female rivalry happens when a woman uses her power to keep another woman down.

What Annoyance Teaches You

What might your next annoyance gift you?

Six Things We All Need To Do In 2023

Six things that I think we all need to do in 2023.

Your Three Jobs

Our curriculum teaches that a thought leader has three jobs: to think, to sell, and to share what they know.

How to Write a Book

Spending time deciding and designing the outcome is never wasted time.

The Four Hidden Roles of Thought Leaders

No matter how your expertise turns up, it's worth stepping into these four foundational roles.

Why You Should Write a Book

What has stopped you or is stopping you from writing your first or next book?

Inspired by the Company We Keep

Running a commercially successful thought leaders practice creates a tension between being a distinct individual in the world and feeling part of something bigger than you.

Creating Your Next 12 Months

I love this time of year. It’s the time that I take to get a head start on the New Year. I like to imagine my next year before it arrives. To sit in what is possible for the next 12 months. I like to start with a clean slate.

Being Gentle on Yourself

The journey to success as a thought leader running a commercially successful practice has stretch, growth, and increase, and makes some demands on you to level up along the way.

Being Thorough

What would it take for you to be thorough?

Found and Phoned

Who have you found and who have you phoned?

What Drives You

Act as if your lived experience has been shaping and forming the insights you can share with the world because that's exactly what they do!


Thought Leadership is thinking in action.


Imagine you are good enough already.

Fully Self-expressed

We have so many different SELF labels in the world; the idea of being self-expressed needs some unpacking.

Wisdom on Holding Thoughts Lightly

Buddha said that with our thoughts, we create the world. My teachers say that he was addressing the idea that the world of phenomena is created in our mind.


What is the point of having loads of expertise and experience if no one knows about it?

On Boundaries

Remove the obligation, make good choices, and get clear about what you do and don't want to create in your practice.


Passion creates energy and effort becomes a by-product of that energy.

The Book You Wish You Had Written

As thought leaders running commercially successful practices, I thought we might talk this week about books.

React and Respond

Two of my favourite things are thinking and action.

Disagreeing Gracefully

As thought leaders running commercially successful practices, we are often in the business of sharing points of view. When we do this people can disagree with our shared insight.


I had the biggest and best delivery of my life!

True Not New

When things are tough we often want 'new' in the hope that we don't have to deal with the gnarly 'old' issues that keep turning up.


Ideas are nothing until they are captured and shared. Until they are explored and explained.

Up and Out, Down and In

We have to be both 'up and out' at times and then 'down and in the work' at other times.

Income and Impact

Many people think that income and impact are mutually exclusive.

Stories Are Tools Not Truths

Stories can define us and perhaps diminish or even distract us.


There is a lot of shame around the subject of money. People are very weird about talking about debt and income and levels of wealth.

Hard or Gentle

Go hard when you wish and gentle when it feels right. Too much of one or the other and you lose your balance or your harmony.


Giving out what you want is the most simple rule in the law of attraction.

Identity and Impact

The habit of "What is the impact that you are making as a group?" versus "What is the identity that you're creating or curating for yourself?" helps us become a 'we' and move away from purely a 'me'.

Cash and Conviction

Cash and conviction are the outcomes of any good sales conversation. We all need cash and we all need conviction.

Earth School

When you see yourself and your work as a story that is rich in meaning, you get to relax the 'not good enough' or 'the imposter syndrome' a little and be tuned into a deeper knowing, a knowing that guides the direction of your thoughts.


Trust is fundamental to having a good life. If you can't trust people, you can't trust yourself. Not trusting the world is an awful way to live.

The Source of Insights

Here are the twelve questions that may help you deepen your insights into any idea.

Generosity, Pleasure, and Consideration

Take this Easter to consider yourself, to be generous, and to indulge in all the things that give you pleasure!

Strong, Not Wrong

Next time you find yourself thinking you carry a certain 'negative' trait, you might like to see it as a strength.

Why I Do What I Do

So why would I put aside my desire to change the world through my practice to lead a team of amazing people that run the programs that Thought Leaders offers?

The Third Choice

We always have more choices than we first thought.

What Will People Think?

The world needs you. All you need to do is to do the work!

Life by Design

Here are some questions and thoughts to help you live an intentional life and run a practice by design.


Celebrating our differences and owning them is a gift.

Women of Power

Here is to the powerful women in our families and lives. May we support them, honour them, and celebrate them.

Collecting Problems

We need to be delighted with the fact that the world has an immeasurable number of problems to solve. Start a collection of problems now!

The Three Moments

If you can’t spot the moments, you miss the money.

Being Brave

As an ‘action addict,’ I am allergic to procrastination. One of my life philosophies is that there is nothing more painful than regret, I think regret is more painful than failure.

Begin As You Intend to End

So much energy at this time of year around setting goals and having intentions. A lot of the self-help and personal development spaces give plenty of guidance around this.

Having a Vision

You have no idea what you are capable of. No idea of what is possible for you!

Reviewing & Reflection

It has been a big year - a year for me loaded with lessons and opportunities to do things differently.

Wrong and Right

There are things that are initially right but ultimately wrong and vice versa. Wrong and right itself as a distinction being deeply subjective.

Winning & Learning

I love the idea of winning or learning. If they are your only options then failing doesn’t exist.

Maybe Don’t Quit Yet

It's a privilege to be able to choose how we work and live for many don't have that choice. For a great majority of people in the world, making ends meet and simply surviving is the only choice they seem to have.

Contributors & Contaminators

Being at your best is often a result of the people that you spend time with. Spending three days at our recent Business School Immersion completely filled my tank! There is something extraordinary about hanging out with like-minded people, people, that feel like home.

Awesome V Awful

When we wake up to a new reality (awareness), we can often be overwhelmed by our past ignorance and as such move very quickly from denial to despair and end up doing nothing new with our new level of consciousness. Awareness shifts activity if you allow it to.

Valuable Thinking

Solving problems and creating solutions is valuable work. Understanding your value is an incredibly important part of being commercially smart.

Your Top Line Menu

An exercise you might find useful is to think through your practice through a website top menu metaphor. This is something that can then become literal if you wish.

Being Okay

I feel like the past 18 months has been a battle of OK - staying ok - people not being ok and people doing their best to be ok.

My Opinion on Opinions

The key is to realise that having an opinion is a key way we manage our path through the world. Opinions and thoughts create meaning and give our life structure.

Hope Less & Hope Full

Life will not go back to “normal” - it will be different. The human race has been through disruption before. It will go through disruption again. We will be fine. We will create new solutions.

The World Needs You

The key is to realise that having an opinion is a key way we manage our path through the world. Opinions and thoughts create meaning and give our life structure.

Creating Solutions

In a world full of problems, there has never been a better time to be a solution creator! Solutions are required everywhere.

Pressure to Perform

Change your relationship to the pressure, don't let pressure change your life.

Shoe Shifting

I think that being compassionate is one of the most wonderful abilities we have as humans. Never before have people, businesses, and organisations needed compassion like they do now. Maybe you need a little compassion yourself!

When Your Practice Feels Like Work

The distinction we make between a job, a business and a practice is central to the labour of love, liberation model that sits behind running a thought leaders practice.

Reducing Your Thinking

The cleverness is in the contracting after the expansion.

It’s Never Really About the Money

Money is not the highest commitment currency but it is a tangible one.

Getting Good

I spent a lot of my life chasing enough. It can be exhausting especially if you don’t even know what enough looks like!

Trust the Process

Don't let all you know be all you know. Stretch the edges of your comfort zone and expand your sense of possibility.

The Power of Three

The impact of the number three on human experience is undeniable.

Can’t Not Do

What is that thing that you "can’t not do?"


A thought leader's job is to think, sell, and deliver - anything that does not fall into these categories would be done by someone else.

Selling You is Different

The thought leaders practice mode is about you standing as you offering your subject matter expertise to the world. In other words and perhaps more directly, we are always selling you, people buy you, not just what you are selling.


Your energy introduces you before you do.

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