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Beyond Black Belt self assessment
Revenue — sustainable BB revenue, or $1M if that's the choice.
Lifestyle — Living life by design, dollars up and days down (if that's the choice).
Work You Love — Doing work I love, with people I like, the way I want.
Legacy — Found a legacy cluster and working my dent in the universe.
Financial Independence — Locked into financial freedom ($5M net assets) within a decade. Chose the game and plan being implemented.
Strategy — Have chosen the beyond black belt path and have a long-term strategy for the practice.
Mindset — Live at black belt. #WWABBD is the reality rather than an aspiration.
Thought Leadership — World-class IP, practice and cluster books I'm proud of, and 500 pink sheets under my belt.
Methodology — Mastery of the TL curriculum – I could teach it to others.
Time — Relate to time like a black belt.
Cluster Review
List current clusters, with amount of time they take, amount of money they make and any other comments. The intent here is to review what takes effort but brings little return.
Intellectual Property
List current and future books
Upload any Pink Sheets which should inform the mentoring (max 10)

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Any other comments on the state of your IP?
Final Words