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The Curriculum is the starting point of your Thought Leaders education.

The Curriculum is where you’ll learn the principles and methodologies underpinning everything we do. It sets out the structure, procedures and offers practical exercises to work through problems and overcome obstacles. It’s also your entry into a community of like-minded people who are sharing your journey. Think of The Curriculum as the foundation on which you’ll build your future.

Business Model

Fundamental to our Thought Leaders' mantra - Do the Work You Love With People You Like  The Way You Want - is understanding the right business model that will make your activity sustainable and profitable.

Many people start businesses they don’t want to run themselves. They implement systems and procedures so things can operate autonomously. Or they set up businesses with the goal of selling them off. 

At Thought Leaders, we advocate the Practice Model, where the owner’s expertise, passion, and ability to create value from their ideas are central to the enterprise. You will discover that with low set-up costs and minimal support staff, you can create a profitable practice that allows you to focus on thinking, selling and delivering.

Your Message

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” – Lee Iacocca

Your success as a thought leader depends on your ability to leverage your ideas. Knowing how to recognise the most valuable, applicable, and marketable ideas and build content around them is vital. 

Working on the principle of creating once and using often, you’ll learn proven techniques for creating unique intellectual property that can be adapted to different formats and customised for different audiences.

Your Market

Who will value what you have to say, and how much will they pay for it? You will be delighted to discover that it can be many more people than you think at a much greater price than you had hoped. 

The Curriculum will teach you the basics of segmentation and how to position your practice to attract the people and organisations you want to work with. 

You will also learn the principles of authority selling and proven communication techniques to make a favourable and memorable impression on your prospective clients.

Your Method

There are broadly three ways to deliver your message:

1. Tell

Using stories and examples to express your ideas. It’s the method employed by authors and speakers.

2. Show

Incorporating your ideas into a learning process. Think mentors and trainers.

3. Ask

Posing a series of questions that lead people to your ideas. This is the basis of coaching and facilitating.

"One of the best programs I've ever been in." Hear what some our graduates have to say.

Everyone comes to Thought Leaders with varying degrees of experience and confidence in presenting, public speaking and self-promotion. Seeing yourself and your fellow students grow in self-belief and assuredness is one of the most exciting and gratifying aspects of being in the program.
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Your decision to be part of the Thought Leaders Foundation Program is a decision to be committed. Committed to learning the curriculum in less than six months.

Our Foundation Program is a 6 month program where you learn our curriculum. As well as our extensive curriculum full of videos, exercises, worksheets, we provide live weekly coaching, 12 curated weekly work plans and a community of people on a similar path to you. The cost of our Foundation Program is a one off payment of $1500 AUD (plus GST for Australian residents only). We also offer this in three instalments of $500 AUD. The Foundation Program is a prerequisite to join Thought Leaders Business School. You are able to join TLBS as soon as you have completed the curriculum.

Most people complete the curriculum in 12 weeks. Because everyone’s circumstances are different we offer you 6 months to learn. Business School is not for everyone and there is no pressure to join. You are free to leave the Foundation Program at anytime.

Thought Leaders will contact you via email and SMS to ensure you get the most out of the program. We won’t spam you and you can easily opt out.